Weight 6 lbs.
Color Yellow


  • Put your Trailer on the Tire Caddy Diet and Lose 20 pounds Instantly
  • The Tire Caddy™ is a compact, light-weight solution to the age old problem of tire recovery. Every driver wants to bring damaged tires back to the home base, but metal tire carriers weigh over 25 lbs. and end up costing a small fortune in extra fuel over the years. The Tire Caddy™ weighs only 6 lbs., saving you fuel and money over the long haul, and stores easily in the compact 8" x 8" x 4" carrying case. Try stuffing a traditional metal tire carrier under your seat! The Tire Caddy™ is easy to use and it is made in America, so it features high-quality construction and engineering. The restraints are made from heavy duty 2" webbing that is cut and UV resistant. All of the hardware is high-strength steel and is completely zinc plated to fight the water, salt and chemicals found on today's roads. Includes all mounting hardware and an easy to follow installation manual with step-by-step instructions and photographs. Get a Tire Caddy™ and start saving today.
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